Fest of Ale celebrates 12 years; advance tickets begin April 13th at The Exchange pub + kitchen

The Low-Down: Saturday, June 3rd at the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater, 3pm - 7pm, 100+ Breweries,  7 Craft Beer Distributors, 8 Fine Wine Distributors, over 250 craft and import beers, wine, food, charity raffle and more!

Why It’s Important: Last year, The Fest of Ale was able to raise $16,000 for WHAS Crusade for Children!

Where to Buy: Advance ticket sales kick off at The Exchange pub + kitchen in downtown New Albany, April 13, 5pm – 8pm. Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the door. Last years event sold out, so advance is the way to secure your spot!

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One of the perks of writing about food and beverage is getting to peek behind the scenes of restaurants, bars, and distilleries. Today, I’m in the loading dock at Keg Liquors and sandwiched in-between huge pallets of Bell’s and Founder’s shipping packs. For a craft beer fan, it’s a breathtaking sight. I’m scanning the shelves, trying to count the number of beer bottles on each wall. 1000? 3000? It’s hard to be sure.

Suffice to say, Keg president Todd Antz is something of a beer pro at this point. Opening in 1970, Keg Liquors has been a family owned and operated business for two generations. They now have two locations- New Albany and Clarksville. And while it might be easy to sit back, enjoy a cold brew, and watch craft beer trends (and sales) continue to rise, Antz has found his time better served in the planning and execution of Southern Indiana’s largest craft beer festival: The Fest of Ale.

“I wanted to do something where every style of beer is represented,” Antz said, taking a short break from the phone calls to vendors, sponsors, and press. “It’s an event where the casual beer drinker will find a new favorite, but the seasoned hop-head will leave satisfied, too.”


Now on it’s 12th year, The Fest of Ales continues to grow in popularity, providing a space for craft beer fanatics to take in over 100 craft beer breweries as they navigate through saisons, sours, IPA’s and stouts. And while everyone loves an ice, cold brew, it’s Fest of Ale’s charitable contribution that means the most to Antz.

“For over 10 years, we’ve supported Crusade for Children,” Antz said. “Our contributions helps fund children’s hospitals and provides equipment and medical attention to kids with needs at home.” Last year alone, The Fest of Ales was able to raise a staggering $16,000 for the WHAS Crusade for Children. Antz expects the number to be even higher this year. A fact I will happily recall as I nurse my hangover the next day.

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