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Summer craft beer flights are here! Here's 3 beers perfect for patio drinking.


Variety is the spice of life, and here at The Exchange we encourage our guests and staff alike  to experiment with new foods and new flavors on the regular. That’s why we love our beer flights program!

Our flights give guests a chance to taste different beers from our rotating draught list. This is an epic way to discover your new favorite beer. Here’s three beers on our current flight that are awesome for the summer!

Country Boy Cougar Bait
ABV: 4.7%
Origin: Lexinton, KY
Style: Blonde

Coming from one of Kentucky’s best breweries, Cougar Bait has taken the regional craft beer scene by storm! It’s light, refreshing, but loaded with flavor that keep brew-heads coming back for more.

The Lowdown: Recommended for fans of blondes, pilsners, light beers, and kickin’ it on the patio.


Kirkwood Cream Ale
ABV: 4.9%
Origin: Indiana
Style: Cream Ale

I love cream ale for their refreshing body, crisp carbonation, and hazy, almost grassy hops. Kirkwood delivers here with their cream ale; a perfect summer day drinker that is uniquely American.

The Lowdown: The aroma on this one separates it from other light beers: imagine strands of summer hay on the yard and long summer evenings under the stars.

Lagunitas IPA
ABV: 6.2%
Origin: California
Style: IPA

When the temperatures start to rise, I find myself going more and more towards the crisp IPA’s. Lagunitas. Their bitter hops makes for a refreshing finish, cleaning the palette to prepare for another sip. Look at for the caramel, the malty hops, and floral notes on this delicious westcoast style IPA.

The Lowdown: At 6.2%, things could get interesting with this one. Recommended for hop heads looking for biscuit-like hops with a light touch of pine on the finish.