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Are you looking for something special this Valentine's Day?


Share the night with someone you love by booking a romantic dinner at The Exchange pub + kitchen.

We're featuring a very special menu for this Valentine's Day. Please note that this menu will be the only thing offered at The Exchange during this special day, and that tables will book up FAST. Don't wait to save your favorite spot- reserving a table is easy!


And now...the MENU!


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Exchange bartender brings worldly influence to downtown New Albany.

Kyle Young makes the best Louisville cocktails.

10 years ago, Kyle Young's mother gave him a cocktail recipe book as a gift and wrote a simple, thoughtful note inside. “I hope this helps you get there,” the note read.

“There” was a trip to Japan, a getaway Kyle had been dreaming about since childhood. 10 years later, the cocktail recipe book now marked up with notes and worn thin from use, Kyle booked his first flight to Japan with money he had saved from bartending full time. The trip cemented Kyle’s passion for traveling to exotic places, but something else, something unexpected, perhaps, came from that loving, motherly gift: Kyle fell in love with hospitality.

"Our guests aren't afraid of anything."

“There’s a creative side to bartending. It’s exciting to make a cocktail that people talk about and keep coming back for,” said Kyle. He’s behind the bar now, expertly mixing up a gorgeous drink. I try to keep up with the ingredients - a splash of lemon here, a sprinkle of herbs. I lose track of the mix during the whirlwind of bottles and ice. The dude is fast, but he doesn’t miss a beat in the conversation. “I just love the social aspect of it. Every night is something different and you get a real opportunity to develop relationships with your regulars.”

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Kyle has been bartending at The Exchange pub + kitchen for nearly 3 years now. He’s seen trends come and go, tasted drinks around the world and at home, and feels confident in the bar program he’s been a large part of developing at The Exchange. “Our guests aren’t afraid of anything,” he says, putting an orange garnish on the rim of my glass to finish the drink. It’s called Salt of the Earth, a sweet, yet balanced take on sangria. “That kind of trust is something that develops after you’ve built these relationships with people. It frees us up to do some very interesting things with food and beverage.”

"It’s exciting to make a cocktail that people talk about and keep coming back for."

Currently, The Exchange boasts a rotating craft beer selection of 12 taps, with numerous wine and spirits selections, as well as a carefully curated collection of 10 hand crafted cocktails. The result is a drinks program that rivals any in the state and keeps guests coming back for more.

For Kyle, working at The Exchange continues to fuel his passion for travel. He’s currently traveled to over 12 countries with each trip influencing his work at home. “I love trying local flavors when I’m abroad,” said Kyle. “The things I’ve seen in Europe when it comes to food and beverage reaches the level of art. It motivates me to find things that we have unique to Southern Indiana and to use those ingredients in new, innovative ways.”

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You can catch Kyle behind the stick only at The Exchange pub + kitchen. Adventurers, vagabonds, and nomads welcomed.

Words + Images by Matt Simpson

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